Mark 1:15 proclaims: “The Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” To repent means to turn from unrighteousness, and align ourselves with God’s standard. Repentance is rethinking. We want to rethink the Gospel from just the personal – God saved me, to God’s Kingdom perspective – God desires to save the world. The program will focus on the Good News of Jesus Christ as a means of building God’s KINGDOM by Spirit-filled MISSIONS through Christ’s CHURCH. God brought you to CMC 2020 to learn how to be his Kingdom-builder!

Italian Trulli

3 - 9:30 PM Pacific Time

English Program

The English program at CMC is designed for adults of all ages—from collegian to centenarian— and especially for those from Chinese-heritage churches and an Asian-American context.

The program will include the following:

Plenary Sessions

Joint Opening

Rethink the Fullness of the Gospel

David Platt

Plenary 1

Living out the Gospel for the Whole Person

Christopher Yuan

Plenary 2

Enduring for the Gospel as the Whole Church

Wayne Chen

Joint Closing

The Gospel for the Whole World

Francis Chan


Come and explore the many different ways you can be challenged to Rethink the Gospel, Rethink Missions and Rethink Church. Here in the workshops, presenters will go deeper and get more practical, and bring participants from the “what” and the “why” of missions to focus more clearly on the “how”.

Prayer Discipleship to the UUPGs of the Majority World Allan Karr
How can local churches engage UUPG fruitfully? Global Assistance Partners
Every Tongue, Tribe & Touchscreen Simon Seow
How Does The Gospel Change My Life? Owen Su
Unleashed Together Intergenerationally for God’s Glory Enoch Wong
There Still is Time - Rethinking Generational Continuity as a Calling Lisa Pak
Bringing Business to the Great Commission Chuck McDaniel
Whole Gospel Transforming the Whole Community Josh/Meredith Johnson
Putting Together the Pieces to Become a Sending Church IMB
How to Start Making and Multiplying Disciples Jimmy Tam
Getting Our Story Straight Brian Fikkert
The Story of Reality Greg Koukl

Small Groups

Take some time to engage with the speaker’s message and discuss with other sojourners. Pray together for one another and for the Lord’s leading. Small groups will be available for all attendees – either with your church or through the convention portal.

Mission Expo

Explore what the Lord is doing around the world and how He is drawing people to Himself! Sending organizations, training and creative access opportunities, business-as-missions, educational and other resource organizations will all be represented in our Missions Expo. Whether you want to serve cross-culturally, serve your kinsmen, are looking for resources or just exploring, do not miss this opportunity to browse over 50 organizations in one place. Expo hosts will be available for live interaction via chat.

Italian Trulli

Youth Program

The Youth Program is designed as an interactive online platform for our middle and high school students to worship, listen to powerful messages and impactful testimonies, and to experience community through live chat and prayer. Our goal is to create a youth-friendly online environment filled with God’s love, support, and acceptance, where students can meet Christ and grow in their relationship with Christ.

Middle school and high school are challenging times for young people, and they have lots of questions about their faith and are seeking answers. Middle and high school students are divided into separate groups in the afternoon to have a better program for each group. In the evening they will join together for the Youth Plenary program. The interactive platform would allow our qualified leaders to talk through tough questions during our live chat. After the evening session, we have set aside time for a live Q&A session to allow our students to ask questions and be with one another in the community as they learn about the heart of God.

Workshops and Plenary Session are focus on the gospel

We desire not only to “re-think” the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the lives of the generation that is soon to take the reins of our nation and churches, but also to hear them and know them on a deeper level, and to go through life together. From that, we can truly begin to build upon that strong foundation with gold, silver, and precious stones, the beauty and goodness of God. Our prayer is that they would better understand the God whom they serve, and deeply grasp the love Christ has for each and every one of them and for the world. 1 Corinthians 3:11 – “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Middle School Workshop Speaker

Tim Lo

Chinese Bible Church of San Diego

High School Workshop Speaker

Jason Low

Bread of Life Church

Italian Trulli

Children Program

Unleash our next generation! Sharpen their hearts and train them to be Christ-centered, mission-minded kids. We are preparing three sessions especially for 3-11 yr olds. There will be activity pages to download for each session. The sessions will be released on Dec 28, and available to watch on-demand as convenient for families during CMC.

We are also excited to announce the addition of RightNow Media for families. With your family registration, in late December we will provide login information for the RightNow media website. Choose from more than 2,000 wholesome, educational, and entertaining videos in the RightNow Media library for children of all ages including Bibleman, VeggieTales, McGee and Me, Boz, and more!

“Next Step” Ministry

“I have dedicated myself to the Lord’s Great Commission. Now what should I do?” Ambassador for Christ’s Next Step Ministry is designed to help you understand better the meaning of calling, and assist you in growing of spirituality, knowledge, and experience, before your stepping into ministry.

Immediately after the assembly speakers call for personal dedication, our Next Step Ministry staff will host a followup meeting for those who sense God’s calling at the side of auditorium. The follow-up meeting will orient you to the preparation of your next step.

Look for our button on the watch page during CMC. We are ready to support you on your journey!